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Seagram’s Gin is giving away free du-rags

seagramsrag Seagrams Gin is giving away free du rags

Do you ever have trouble finding du-rags? Do you ever think a head piece would suit you just fine but you don’t have the confidence to go out and buy one? Fear not people, Seagram’s Gin has come to the rescue. Special edition bottles of Seagram’s Gin come with a free du-rag! Get them while you can!

There as been little marketing and advertising on Seagram’s part about these free du-rags, but to confirm it’s true here are the notes for the Michigan Liquor Control Commission who discussed approving at Seagram’s Gin Du-Rag promotion in July. It guess it passed.

michiganliquor Seagrams Gin is giving away free du rags

[MichiganGov, images from CherryNYEME (image from the Michigan Gov was cut to fit and remaining content is not misleading)]

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